An Open Letter to Sahaja Yogis from Ex-Sahaja Yogis

Dear Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis At the outset we must ask you to refrain from judging us harshly until you have given us a fair hearing. Please resist the temptation to assume that we are embittered losers, still smarting from a failure to reap the rewards of Sahaja Yoga, desperately seeking some sick satisfaction by maliciously slurring Shri Mataji's good name. Nothing of the kind is true. Even further from the truth are wilder speculations such as our being in the pay of the press, the Catholic Church, anti-cult organisations or false gurus.

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Dear Reader

When a web site aims to inform on a controversial organisation such as Sahaja Yoga, the visitor may wish to know who lies behind its pages. The authors of this web site have one point in common: they have been fully involved as members of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's Sahaja Yoga for long periods of time in different countries, from the mid 1970's to the turn of the century,

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Sahaja Yoga (arranged) marriage forms

Here's the 2018 forms for the SY arranged marriage and remarriage. If you are new to Sahaja Yoga, you probably have not been told yet that disciples ask the leaders to choose a partner for them through vibrations. IMC privacy policy Sahaja Marriages Principles Protocols 26 May 2017

Fear is in a guru’s took kit

1983-0724 Guru Puja Talk “...the Adi Guru Datattreya worshipped Mother along the banks of the river Tamasa. Tamasa is the same as your Thames and He himself came and worshipped here. And the druids, those who had the manifestation of the Stonehenge and all that, are originated from that time in this great country of... Continue Reading →

About loyalty

EXCERPTS FROM 1985-0629 Guru Puja Talk “Today you have to resolve,  and ask the forgiveness of all the Deities, that you are going to use your vibrations all the time.” [In a spring 2016 talk Gregoire de Kalbermatten tells the Ukrainians that vibrations are not a genius system to be trusted, that the vibrations can... Continue Reading →

Child Abuse – 4

The Sahaja Yoga Response Group conducted an 'investigation' of the allegations of sexual abuse at the India School and produced the following response (It should be noted that the preliminary accusations that SDM compiled the accounts, has any followers or abused women and children are false). SY Response From: <ivanpavinsky@h...> Date: Tue Jun 10, 2003... Continue Reading →

Education in Sahaja Yog

Interview with a graduate of the International Sahaj Public School SYFacts: Tell us about your background. Lance: I was born into Sahaja Yoga and raised with it as my religion. I studied at the International Sahaj Public School for a long while and have many good and bad experiences from that place. For the past... Continue Reading →

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